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The track „Between all and nothing" is the fourth tune of the theme-collection: "12 rules to break".

Music: Rob Waters

Cover Art by: Raphael Preston

You can get it here:


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The track „Sequenza Perpetua " is the third tune of the theme-collection: "12 rules to break".

Cover Art by: Raphael Preston

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The track „There & Everywhere" is the second tune of the theme-collection: "12 rules to break".

Cover Art by: Raphael Preston
Vocals: Samson, Terr A.

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By Rob Waters

Vers 1:

I´m just a guest at all places I will be
My home is everwhere my feet stand
This is just a part of a place Out of the samples
Of old and new

I´m just a guest in all spaces there`s my seal
This road is without stairs You won`t see
I don`t slow down with that kind of time slaved principles
I speed up never scanning the horizon
Jumping from generation to generation

To a world made of peace
Made of the core of all creativity
I always stand there and everywhere
I´ve always been there and everywhere

Vers 2:

Like a quotation I resound from the books written down in my brain
It`s a poetic construction where I describe powers working in the heads of others integrated in a supernatural person within the evolution of a higher nature

All destiny of the solar system lies not in the hands of mankind or society or within the development of generation
It always lied in the hands of a few living the breath of all time knowledge,
unbounded epoch creating, technique refusing but using spirit-forces


All forces melt to gold
And the art becomes aware
It`s a walking of a soul
Flowing everywhere

Build the stages to your role
Just the purest have to dare
It`s here and there and everywhere
Your wings can move the air

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My new track "Animated Country" is out now (March 2020).

It is the first tune of the theme-collection: "12 rules to break".

The individual tracks will be released monthly.

Cover art by : Raphael Preston

You can get it here:
Amazon - iTunes - Bandcamp



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S.A.W. - "ICONIC" - The Album

ARP: Omni
ARP Clone: MS-2600
Arturia : Matrixbrute
Cybersound: Custom Modular Synth, Dark Room
Elka: Rhapsody 490
Korg: KRONOS, Radias, PS-3300, Prologue
Moog: 3P Modular Synth, MiniMoog, Voyager, Taurus 1, Mother 32
Mu-Tron: Bi-Phase
Oberheim: Matrix12
PPG: Wave 2.3
Publison: Infernal Machine
Roland: Jupiter 8, Promars, SDE 2000, SDE 3000, SVC 350, Dimension D, MKS 80
RSF: Kobol Modular Synth, Kobol
Sequential: Prophet VS
Studio Electronics: SE1X Awave
Waldorf: Wave
Yamaha: CS-80, YC-45D

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We used hardware:

analogue synths, digital gear
We accepted unpredictable factors

uncontrolled moments
We cultivated electronic traditions in order to create new ones

We paid homage to the legends
Then we formed ICONIC
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"The immortal tourist" - the new album by Schmoelling & Waters
with Moya Brennan, Erich von Däniken & Future Sound of London
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photos: Wolfgang Makowski
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